The Kreativ Blogger Award


My sincere thanks to Becoming Madame for nominating this bog for the Kreativ Blog award.  Becoming Madame’s blog is so beautiful and so well-written, that the nomination from her is a true honor.  I may never get to France again, but by visiting her blog, I can always stay in touch.  I cannot recommend it too highly!

Apparently part of this process is telling ten things readers may not know about you.  Given that I’m pretty transparent in my posts, this is hard:

  1.  I celebrated (?!) my 69th birthday this January.
  2. We came to Canada on a corporate transfer from the New York City area in 1975.  We’ve lived in the idyllic suburb of Oakville on Lake Ontario since 1976.
  3. Through my 45 year social work career, even as an agency head, I continued to do direct treatment.  In the last 20 years, my focus was on helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  4. I do almost no cooking outside of what is needed for the blog.
  5. Growing up as the child of a Navy chaplain, I lived up and down both coasts of the U. S. and in Hawaii.
  6. Our current home – hopefully our last – is the 36th place I’ve lived.
  7. I attended Mt. Holyoke (class of 1965) and the Smith College School for Social Work (class of 1967).  I feel most at home in New England, having no real family roots.
  8. As a Navy wife, I went on a submarine day trip, and was at the diving planes of the nuclear sub.
  9. Our son is 35, and our daughter is 30.
  10. We have the world’s sweetest cat, named Kimeri.


  1. I made my first Bûche de Noël yesterday. I had watched Julia Child’s TV show when she made it. I copied her recipe from Way to Cook, I read multiple recipes…however, your recipe made the process possible! Thank you! I’m not sure how to send you a picture. I’m on FB Gary Smith, Seattle, WA.

    • Hi Gary –

      I am SOOO happy it was helpful! I don’t know how to send me a picture, either. I’m very low-tech.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. I happened upon your blog by looking for comments on Julia’s bûche de Noël. I am delighted, and will seek it now intentionally. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments!

  3. Nancy, thank you so much for your wonderfu words of encouragement! I truly appreciate it!

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