Posted by: njbrown | April 21, 2013

Return to Roulades

Our kitchen is 99% finished, and we are all enjoying much improved lighting, off-white quartz counter tops and stainless appliances (including a new stove with a double oven).  Losing my second oven when we moved to this house was really painful, so the world is right again.  However, all the tasks that were put on hold during the upheaval still have to be done, and my husband is too busy to take photographs for me for a while.  So, rather than making something, I decided to share the excellent video on roulades I received from Fine Cooking this week.

Fine Cooking’s senior food editor Shelley Wiseman demonstrates Karen Barker’s technique for rolling a roulade without letting the cake crack.

I’ve tried to write the process of removing the roulade from the baking pan, rolling it, unrolling it and re-rolling it in my  posts,

But this site enables you to see each step.  They also give three roulade recipes.  If you haven’t done a roulade before, this might motivate you to try.  Have fun!


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