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Afternoon Tea At the Princess in Hamilton, Bermuda

Afternoon Tea At the Princess in Hamilton, Bermuda

Afternoon Tea At the Princess in Hamilton, Bermuda

As many Canadians (or Americans living in Canada), we were driven by months of cold and snow to seek sun and relative warmth – specifically, in Bermuda – at the end of February.  My husband had been there while serving in the U. S. Navy in the 1970, but I had never visited.  My sister had been urging me for years to go, saying she was sure I would love it.  She recommended the Hamilton Princess (one of the Fairmont family of hotels), for its history, elegance, and easy walking distance to downtown Hamilton.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Bermuda Resort Hotel

Gold Lounge The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Bermuda

I’ve learned never to argue with my sister.  She was absolutely right about everything.  We loved the Princess, and especially the Gold Lounge – one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve seen in North America – where we were waited on with the utmost graciousness. In Bermuda, in addition to pink(ish) sand, turquoise water and places of historical interest, we found a wonderful commitment to doing things properly that was quite soothing.  We look forward to returning. Searching for the ultimate afternoon tea is one of my minor hobbies, and the Princess’ is supposed to be one of the ten best in the world, so we had to try it.  They offered two tea menus, so George had one (the Seasonal Tea), and I had the other (the November Tea).  With his tea, George drank the Fairmont Earl Grey.  I had a delicious cherry-flavored tea.  When we left, we asked for a copy of the menu.  On it, we found the Specialty Rum Tea, which apparently wasn’t available.  If it had been, I certainly would have ordered it.

Here are the menus (the November tea was still being offered):

Seasonal Tea

Princess Beef Wellington
Horseradish and Herb Cream
Mustard Painted Rolled Lavosh

Truffle Hens Egg
Scallion Confetti
Focaccia Gateaux

Atlantic Shrimp and Cress
Vodka Cocktail Salsa
Split Petit Croissant

Balsamic Splashed Roma Tomato and Mozzarella
Crisp Basil Bruschetta
Toasted Pangolin

Minted Cucumber and Yogurt Shooter
Fresh Cracked Pepper
Cucumber Swizzle Stick

Raisins, Cherries & Ginger Nutty Streusel Scone
Tomato, Lemon and Apple Jam

Scented Fruit Meringue

Raspberry Cheesecake Square
Lemon Curd and Chocolate Cup
Strawberry and Kiwi Slice

Peach Sorbet

$34 plus 17% gratuity

November Steeped Tea Special

Featuring “Eclipse” The British Empire Classic Tea

Scottish Smoked Salmon
Citrus and Horseradish Scented Aioli
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Princess Garden
Herb Cream Cheese, English Cucumber
Sea Salt Butter
White Sandwich Bread

Hens Egg Salad and Cress
Light English Mustard Spread
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

English Cheddar and Branston Pickle
Fresh Cracked Pepper and Chives
White Sandwich Bread

Coronation Chicken
Mango Butter and Almonds
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Scone
Victoria Sponge Cupcake
Fresh Lemon Curd

Kirsch Mousse, Brandied Cherries
Pistachio Almond Macaroon
Chocolate Fudge Pyramid
Sweet Mango Sorbet

$34 plus 17% gratuity

Specialty Rum Tea

Smoked Salmon and rum Spiked Cream Cheese
Piped into Pumpernickel Gombey Jam Spread

Oriental Duck and Vegetable Wrap
“Dark and Stormy” Aioli

Rotisserie Chicken and Caramelized Local Onion
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Goslings Butter, Shallot Bun

Hamilton Po’Boy
Tender Lobster and Baby Shrimp
Rum Splashed Marie Rose
Whole Wheat Slider

Dark Rum, Bloody Mary Shooter
Tabasco and Worchester Splash
Celery Swizzle

Oat, Cranberry and Black Rum Scone
Key Lime Jam

Bacardi Rum Coconut Macaroon

Mango and Lime Rum Mousse Cup
Bermuda Dark Rum Cake
Bacardi Razz Almond Rum Ball

Banana Rum Swizzle Sorbet

$34 plus 17% gratuity



  1. What a wonderful vacation! The hotel looks beautiful. What a nice getaway from this nasty and long Winter. Hope you had fun!

    • Hi Jane –

      It was our first real vacation in about 17 years, and it really was wonderful. We’re not sun or hot weather people, so temperatures in the 60s were great for us, and much warmer than here.

      Best wishes,


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