Posted by: njbrown | March 20, 2011

Chuck Beats Bobby!

Host: Chuck  Hughes

It was Chuck’s night in Kitchen Stadium!  Although I barely recognized Chuck with a couple days’ growth of beard, he did an excellent job with simple, but well-presented and obviously flavorful food.  I’ve never found poutine appealing, but I would have eaten his.  His lobster risotto looked gorgeous!  His sous chefs were young, hip and efficient.

Bobby Flay was having  A VERY BAD NIGHT.  From lobster roe that had to be thrown out, to a food processor that he had to knock over to release the container from the base, it was almost Murphy’s Law, and I’ve never seen him look so frazzled.  I don’t know who the women sous chefs were – I don’t remember ever seeing them with him before – but one was plagued with difficulties.

Overall, it was a proud night for Canada and for Montreal, even if Chuck didn’t bring his mother.



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