Posted by: njbrown | February 16, 2011

Digital Food Photography Tips from a Professional

In the beginning weeks, and possibly months, of this blog, I didn’t include pictures – or recipes.  All that seemed too much work for what was essentially recollections of times long ago when food was beautiful and the sky was the limit for a young wife with Julia’s cookbooks.  However, as time has passed, the presence of a photo and a recipe seems to make readers happier.  My husband is wonderful, but he is no Paul Child, so our journey to produce even mediocre food photographs has not been easy.  Today, WordPress sent a note to us bloggers saying to take good pictures, and they mentioned the “rule of thirds.”  My education has been fairly wide, but it did not cover the “rule of thirds.”  Wikipedia helped me, once again, and then in my Net rambles I found an excellent article on taking good food pictures: With these suggestions, we have nowhere to go but up.

Upcoming posts will include Indian Pudding, and Hush Puppies.



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