Posted by: njbrown | April 18, 2010

When not to cook

April 18, 2010

There are times when you just shouldn’t even try to cook.  Today was one of them.  On these days, I even mess up Instant Rice.  Once, when making large batches of muffins for our community breakfast for the poor, I used water only for a batch of mix that called for water and eggs.  Interestingly, they turned out alright, but it rattled my nerves.  I’m not sure what the variables are that make usually reliable dishes change identity, but today (and yesterday), nothing went well.  My dear husband said he had been predicting this given my run of unexpectedly good outcomes that defied statistical odds.  That  was not comforting.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try making the chocolate vegan cupcakes to take to my staff that I wasn’t able to do for Valentine’s due to illness.  If I botch them, I will be tempted to put my cookbooks back into storage.  Oh well, even Julia had some disasters, but she didn’t give up.  I must hold onto that thought.



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