Posted by: njbrown | March 29, 2010

An egg by any other name…not quite

March 29, 2010

There’s the saying that “a rose by any other name is still a rose,” so I thought that Omega 3 eggs would act like regular eggs, and proceeded to use them in making a key lime pie.  It turned out to be a very strange key lime pie – intensely yellow-orange, and with a different consistency.  The taste was alright, but I couldn’t get past the color.  Frustrated, I made another pie with regular free range eggs, and the color was within normal limits, and the consistency was fine.

For dinner to use up the remainder of the smoked salmon I’d bought to use in Michael Smith’s salmon rye bread pudding, I made a salmon souffle.  Again, the Omega 3 yolks turned the souffle base an unappealing color, and the consistency was thicker.  Since we eat with our eyes first, I think I’ll get my Omega 3 fatty acids from another source.

When I was lamenting to a friend about this experience, she said she finds the Omega 3 eggs taste fishy.  Having watched very short bits of Jamie Oliver’s show on chickens and the terrible conditions in  chicken factory farms, I think food producers have gone too far.  We have a small farm nearby that advertises its eggs come from gently cared for, happy chickens.  I think I may shop there from now on.  Chicken has been off of my food list for some time, but it’s harder breaking the egg habit – no pun intended.



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