Posted by: njbrown | March 4, 2010

When not to follow the recipe – Sacher Torte

March 4, 2010

Months of beating egg whites, melting chocolate, and combining wet and dry ingredients paid off as I made the Sacher Torte.  However, things went off the rails when I got to the recipe for the glaze.  While the video had shown making the simple syrup and then adding the chocolate, the Epicurious recipe had me putting the chocolate, sugar and water all together, and then bringing that to a boil.  This was one more experience of knowing when not to follow the recipe.  The problem was compounded by the fact that my new candy thermometer wouldn’t rise above 220 degrees, and the target was 238.  Fortunately, I remembered enough of the video to know how the syrup should look, but the video approach produced a superior glaze.  (Mine was very slightly grainy and I think thinner than ideal.)  A real Sacher Torte has Sacher written in chocolate on top, and this was my first attempt.  The thing I learned was that I had to write very fast for the letters to be smooth. 

Overall, a pleasant dessert, but probably not my overall favorite.



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