Posted by: njbrown | February 28, 2010

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere

February 26, 2010

This weekend, I will be on my own, and with two pounds of Callebaut couverture chocolate sitting in the pantry, I think I’ll give in to the temptation to make a Sacher Torte.  Last week, I tried my new 7″ springform pan to make my favorite chocolate orange cheesecake, and used Callebaut for the first time.  The result was surprisingly different from the baking chocolate or chocolate bits I’d previously used.  The cake had a much deeper chocolate taste, and initially, I thought I didn’t like it.  George, however, had a different reaction and convinced me to have another slice.  He was right, and if you like an intensely chocolate dessert (but not one that is very sweet), this would be it.  (The recipe is in the post “Expedition for chocolate and “Sinfully rich chocolate orange cheesecake.”)

I’ve found a number of Sacher Torte recipes, and the cake is straightforward – similar to Julia’s Reine de Saba, but without the ground almonds – but the glaze varies.  Some recipes have you tempering the chocolate by spreading it on a marble slab (which I don’t have).  Another recipe has you boiling simple syrup that is then combined with the chocolate.  Since I do have a candy thermometer that I haven’t yet used, I think I’ll opt for that one.  Epicurious has good videos on making Sacher Torte that take the intimidation out  of it:

For those who are intrigued by the whole chocolate-making process, Jacques Torres has this video:

This video has him tempering chocolate by hand, and showing how to store chocolate – ideally in your “wine cellar.”  Ah, Jacques – few of us have wine cellars.  For those who don’t, he gives the instructions for using a plastic bag in the refrigerator.



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