Posted by: njbrown | January 25, 2010

Thoughts on Mario Battali

January 25, 2010 

One of my favorite chefs to watch these days is Mario Battali.  From his sparse, sandy ponytail, to his shorts and orange clogs (Crocs?), he is unique.  Recently, on an Iron Chef competition, he was tangoing across Kitchen Stadium with a very large fish.  He never seems to get flustered.  When the competition is literally running in circles, Mario looks cool as a cucumber.  I have never heard an expletive from his lips.  (I wish he’d take Gordon Ramsay under his wing!)  I have read that he knows how to party, but at work he seems totally professional.  Anne Burrell, his sous chef, seems to be equally cool under fire.  They really are amazing. 

Mario Battali 13" flat-ended beechwood spoon.

Of all my kitchen purchases recently, the one I absolutely love is my Mario Battali 13″ flat-ended beechwood spoon.  It feels wonderful in the hand, it is a great size, and the flat end allows you to stir much more effectively than a regular spoon.  I bought mine in a discount store for less than $4.00 (Cdn.).  I have seen mixed reviews on it, but I can’t praise it highly enough, and encourage anyone to add it to their kitchen tools. 



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