Posted by: njbrown | January 25, 2010

Julia and mise en place

January 25, 2010

In all my culinary experience, I don’t recall anyone explaining the rationale for mise en place, but Julia gave a wonderful explanation in her Reine de Saba show.  She said she always gets out a large tray, and puts all the ingredients needed for the recipe on the tray, measured for use.  By doing this, if there is an ingredient/s left on the tray at the end of the preparation, she knows she has forgotten to use something.  In watching cooking shows, my assumption had been that it was just something done for filming efficiency, but it turns out Escoffier developed the approach.  I had always thought it would take too much time to do, but having tried it today, the delay at the front end results in a quicker process overall.  Another wonderful tip from Julia!



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