Posted by: njbrown | January 16, 2010

More kitchen equipment

January 16, 2010

Today George and I traveled twenty miles into the country to return to the lovely store where I’d bought chocolate a couple of months ago.  The mission today was to find a good candy thermometer, and some small ramekins to make individual Charlotte aux pommes (Charlottes aux pommes? – My French courses were very long ago).  Unfortunately, they were out of candy thermometers, and had no ramekins in the right size (about one cup).  I was able to get a cute, yellow pastry scraper to replace the one I’d given away some years ago.  (Today’s equipment is so much more colorful, and fun to use.)

Just before we reached home, I decided to try the tiny kitchen ware shop a few blocks from our home.  It is so packed with different things that it is hard to walk around in, but sure enough, they had what looks like a great thermometer.  It is calibrated from 100 degrees to 400, and has a large dial that I can almost see without my glasses.  For chocolate work, I’ll still have to use my thirty-some year old mercury one that measures from below 80 degrees to 120-some.  They had two white ramekins in a 10-oz. size that will make a generous individual Charlotte, but the one cup size looked too small, once lined with bread.  At the country store I passed up a real French Charlotte mold, not being able to justify the $40 price.  I returned home happy with my finds.  Getting good equipment and utensils makes me feel rich at a modest expenditure.

I currently have a traditional cheesecake in the oven.  I followed the lady’s directions from the Web
   [See More about cheesecake & Perfect Cheesecakes scroll to comment]
to start at 350 degrees, and after putting the cake in the oven,  to immediately reduce the temperature to 250.  After an hour and a half of baking at 250, she says to turn the oven off, and leave the cake in the oven for at least three hours.  So far there are no cracks – the good news – but the question is, “Will it be sufficiently baked?”  I won’t know until about 10:30.

For dinner I did another bouillabaisse, and it was lovely.  George and I are both finding that dining in restaurants isn’t as enjoyable anymore.  Julia is spoiling our palates for ordinary food.




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    • The camera and I are not friends, and haven’t been for many years. Thank goodness, there are many others who are not similarly challenged, and have put wonderful videos on the Web. My hat is off to them.

      Best wishes,


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    • Lovely! Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Best wishes,


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