Posted by: njbrown | January 14, 2010

Charlotte aux pommes (Apple Charlotte) – mission impossible?

January 14, 2010

Since watching Julia and Jacques Cooking in Concert where they do an Apple Charlotte as well as Jacques deboning chicken and turkey, I’ve been pondering how one achieves a  non-collapsible Apple Charlotte.  Julia has talked and written about how hers collapse, and Jacques said his often do even though his recipe is supposed to prevent the problem.  Having looked at a number of pictures of completed Apple Charlottes, only one had vertical, intact sides, and it seemed to be an individual one (so the filling would have been less, and the “walls” shorter).

Logically, the problem has to be that the bread walls are not strong enough, or that the internal mass is too soft to retain its shape after unmolding, or both.

I think this will be my next culinary “Mission Impossible.”  There has got to be a way…



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