Posted by: njbrown | January 7, 2010

Julia and Jacques – Cooking in Concert

January 7, 2010

When my dear husband was helping with the last post, he first found the five minute video of Jacques Pepin deboning chicken and turkey with Julia, but as the day went on, he found the whole show from PBS which he then put on the site (Jacques Pepin deboning a chicken and turkey).  I had read about the Cooking in Concert shows, but had thought I’d probably never be able to see even one.  I’ve just finished watching, and it is absolutely delightful.  The chemistry between Julia and Jacques is wonderful, and their banter hilarious.

Jacques came to prominence in my non-cooking years, and only in reading recently did I find that his teaching career was the result of a terrible accident which he was lucky to survive.  The physical demands of restaurant cooking were too much for him afterward, and he decided to teach.  He had been De Gaulle’s chef, and was later approached by Jackie Kennedy to be her White House chef, but he declined.  Rene Verdun accepted the offer.



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