Posted by: njbrown | December 22, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

December 22, 2009

I have been so busy getting the house ready for Christmas, and shopping for ingredients for the next pot luck and for Christmas dinner that I haven’t cooked.  Yesterday we bought things for our grown children’s (and our new son-in-law’s) stockings, and when unpacking, I found the stocking gifts were virtually all forms of chocolate – vegan-friendly for my daughter and a variety for the others.  My cupboards are still filled with a large variety of baking chocolate some of which will be used for the Bûche filling and frosting, and for my daughter’s vegan chocolate mousse.  Chocolate really is my favorite food.

I had hoped to try to make a crackless chocolate cheesecake this weekend, but so many hours are involved, that I couldn’t work it into the schedule.  There will be more time after Christmas, but I am anxious to see if I can conquer the problem.

Tonight is our church group pot luck, and I have the corn pudding (or scallop) waiting in the refrigerator for the final topping with buttered crumbs and baking.  When I get home this afternoon, I’ll make wild rice with dried cranberries and orange zest.  This will be the group’s first pot luck, and everyone is feeling festive.  If my dish turns out well, I’ll post a picture and recipe soon.



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