Posted by: njbrown | December 5, 2009

Christmas is coming – fast

December 5, 2009

It doesn’t seem possible that in three weeks it will be the day after Christmas.  Oh, dear.  Time always evaporates at this time of year.  To make matters worse, the annual men’s group dinner that I thought I was taking chocolate orange cheesecake to already has enough desserts, and George thinks I’ll need to make an appetizer.  Unfortunately, outside of soup, appetizers are the things I enjoy making the least.  It is currently 4:15 a.m. and I have gotten out of bed to search for recipes.  So far, I have found none that excites me on the Web.  I don’t think it’s the fault of the Web.

As a new bride, I was given a set of Ebba’s Molds by my mother-in-law who lived in Evanston, Ill. (apparently Ebba’s area).  These are small, aluminum molds that made perfect shells not much more than an inch in diameter that could have sweet or savory fillings.  They always unmolded perfectly, and perhaps I’ll go “retro” and make some tiny quiches with them.  I think another thing I did in the years when I was serving hors d’oeuvres was endive spears filled with a bleu cheese piped filling.  A couple of years ago, we did a tea at my office for a baby shower, and I had found a recipe for tiny salmon sandwiches that were tied with strips of chive and were not only tasty, but pretty and unusual.  I’ll have to research David Rocco’s parmesan crisps because they certainly couldn’t be easier to make and sound delicious, but the question is how long they stay crisp.

I’ve been wrestling with what to do about a Bûche de Noël for Christmas dinner, and on the Web found a recipe for a chocolate one that is a fallen souffle and rolls with no problem.  I had a similar recipe years ago, and after giving up on Julia’s, used it until I stopped making bûches.  On the other hand, I have time tomorrow, so may give Julia’s one last try since I’m heady with my Tarte Tatin success.

Back to bed – recipe searching will be easier once the family is up.



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