Posted by: njbrown | November 18, 2009


November 18, 2009

Tonight I tuned in just as Guy Fieri was using bacon fat to brown his top round.  In spite of all the health concerns today, bacon seems to be everywhere on the cooking shows – regular bacon, pancetta, bacon fat, lardons, etc.  In hundreds of shows, I haven’t heard one word about this not being the healthiest ingredient.  For years as I was growing up, we had an orange juice can in the refrigerator that my mother used to store her bacon fat for use in frying.  (This is probably one of the major reasons my father had by-pass surgery in his 60s, and my sister and I are both on blood pressure medication.) Any time bacon is used in a chef competition on TV, the judges wax rapturous about bacon.  Even Jeffrey Steingarten, the erudite and urbane food critic for Vogue, says he loves anything with bacon in it.

On Iron Chef America, no matter how esoteric the ingredients and how complex the dish, virtually anything with bacon scores higher.  Interesting, isn’t it how something very old and simple is so appealing and satisfying?  Unfortunately, when I had to begin to eat healthier bacon was one of the first things to be eliminated from my diet.   I’m not sure that Jeffrey should continue to love bacon, but he may prefer to go out in a blaze of culinary ecstasy rather than living longer in low-fat, low-cholesterol, high fibre boredom.



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