Posted by: njbrown | November 7, 2009

Chocolate frustration

November 7, 2009

The search for Valrhona Manjari has proved to be almost as frustrating as the search for Key lime juice.  I finally found a source north of Toronto – about 35 miles from here – and planned to go today (Saturday).  However, after getting ready this morning, George discovered that A Taste for Chocolate is only open Monday through Friday.

Since that trip had to be postponed, I decided  to have another attempt at chocolate ruffles, using the wafers that I bought earlier this week.  The wafers melted well, and having watch the Julia episode that dealt with chocolate ruffles twice more, I had greater confidence.  However, while I was using “very good chocolate” and had the proper amount on the inverted, warmed sheet pan, some of the chocolate curled, some of it squished, but not a single respectable ruffle was produced.  To make things even worse, the chocolate wafers are exceedingly sweet (and I have a very large quantity).  I’ll try a mixture of them with a less sweet dark chocolate, and see how that works.

So, for now, topping my chocolate orange cheesecake with ruffles is looking increasingly unlikely.  Julia advised us to soldier on, and no one would know how the outcome of our efforts differed from what we intended.  She must have had the world’s most unshakeable self-esteem!



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