Posted by: njbrown | October 19, 2009

Tools of the trade – continued

It is interesting that people are curious about this topic.  In the earlier post, I left out that I had also bought new cutting boards, and not long before that purchase, had finally indulged in one of those lovely sets of glass bowls that go from the tiniest – perhaps for salt – to a fairly large size.  As I watch the TV chefs, they always seem to have a set – or two or three.  I found my set on sale for about $9, and when I got home and unpacked them, was amazed to find that they are from France.  A very small Julia connection, but any Julia connection is good.

The one piece of equipment I mourn for is my lovely, oversized rolling pin that I bought when I was taking classes at George Brown College.  Thinking that I’d never bake again because of all the calories and cholesterol, I gave it away with the other things.  Overall (with handles), it was almost 24″ from tip to tip, and using it you felt you were doing serious baking.  When I had to replace it, I ended up with something made of some miracle substance that is black flecked with silver – heavy but much smaller.  If I were baking for the Starship Enterprise, it might be appropriate, but it doesn’t feel right for Oakville in 2009.  I see that Williams-Sonoma has a marble rolling pin for a great quantity of money, but I can live without it.  At my age, I probably would have trouble lifting it!

I’ve used the new hand mixer several times, and after I got used to its much greater power, I am enjoying it.  I absolutely love the stainless steel bowl for my Kenwood Chef mixer.  (I had never heard of Kenwood Chefs until we came to Canada.  They are British, and very popular in Europe.  They were – and still are  if you can find them – very expensive. )  At the time I bought mine, I thought the KitchenAid would go out of style with its bulbous shape.  Silly me!!!  More than 30 years later, the KitchenAid shape is still popular.

My sister was telling me about Microplanes, and although my new hand grater cuts both ways, it isn’t a Microplane, so I may have to buy one to see the difference.  Kitchen stores have such a wonderful array of temptations these days.  They’ve become my destination of choice.



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