Posted by: njbrown | October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner

October 12, 2009

The Thanksgiving Meal

Today will be the end of what seems to be endless preparations for Thanksgiving dinner.  The vegan pumpkin cake is made and will be “interesting” to taste.  It is iced with “butter”cream icing, made of course with a butter substitute.  The pears poached in red wine have been dipped in chocolate, but became challenging when the film wrap stuck to the pears.  They are not flawless, by any stretch of the imagination, but are a pretty color.  I’ve looked up Jacques Torres’ instructions for melting and tempering chocolate, and will have another try when I’ve recovered from this.

My son’s protein will be shrimp grilled on the barbecue.  George will do that.  George has the pre-stuffed turkey cooking away merrily in the oven.  The twice-baked potatoes – two kinds for normal people and one for a vegan – are waiting in the refrigerator.

The wild rice with dried cranberries and orange zest are still to be started, as is the corn pudding (known as “corn scallop” in the Better Homes and Gardens recipe).  The cornbread sticks and crescent rolls (a la Pillsbury as my son prefers) will be last-minute).

Five hours later –

The dinner is over, the dishes are washed, and I’m ready for bed.  Lessons learned:

1.  The chocolate didn’t need to be tempered for the pears.  Had I not gotten ambitious, I would have made chocolate sauce and decorated the pears at the last minute.  The tempered chocolate was too hard to combine well with the texture of the pears.   It’s become a challenge, so I’ll keep trying.

2.  The new recipe for corn scallop is much better than the old one, especially when I added parsley and season salt.

3.  God created eggs and dairy products to make food taste good.  The vegan cake definitely could have been better, and the icing was far too sweet – something I never noticed when it was made with real butter.  I asked my daughter if she would ever eat normally, and she said with a sweet smile that the rest of us don’t eat normally.  I think I need to develop skill with vegan cooking.   She’s worth it.

Christmas dinner is more than two months away – thank goodness!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving –



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