Posted by: njbrown | October 5, 2009

Shaken not stirred?

October 5, 2009

Stirred Cheese Omelette

In Julie and Julia, Julie tells her mother that blogging is like AA – something you have to do every day.  I would not do well in AA; I blog in my mind daily, but it is much harder getting to the computer.  Since the last post, I have been working on omelettes, having seen Julia’s omelette show on PBS.  Julia, as I said in an earlier post, is a proponent of the shaken (jerked, actually) method.  However, I read an appeal on-line from a man who could not understand Jacques Pepin’s shaken and stirred method – apparently what Jacques prefers.  Julia’s method takes 20 seconds, and produces a more crepe-like omelette.  The shaken and stirred method I was taught results in a fluffier texture.  Rather than adding the filling to the eggs before they solidify (as per Julia), I was taught to add the filling to the finished omelette as it has been urged up onto the far lip of the pan, and then to fold the near edge over the filling, and invert the pan onto the place.  The omelette is then ovoid, and nicely plump rather than flat.  However, in the pan I recently bought (which is smaller than the 7 1/2 inches that Julia recommends), it takes 30 seconds rather than 20.  Does this really matter?  Part of me wants to get it really right, and many eggs have been sacrificed in this quest.  I am getting concerned that I’m becoming like Heston Blumenthal.



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