Posted by: njbrown | September 14, 2009

New England food

George and I met when we both lived in the Newport, R. I. area, and our courtship consisted of sailing, seafood dinners and other mutually enjoyable activities in that beautiful part of the country.  He and I are going to a niece’s wedding week after next at Mystic Seaport, Ct. and we are going to take that opportunity to make a sentimental journey to Newport.  Our major problem is how much eating we can wedge into about four hours.  I spent almost ten years living in various parts of New England, and have fond memories of New England food – lobster rolls, seafood pie, scallops large and small, swordfish, Indian pudding, etc.  Our family believes we are descended from Mayflower passengers, so perhaps the link I feel to New England and everything about it stems from that, but whatever the reason, I love going back.  I think for lunch in Newport I’ll have clam chowder at The Black Pearl – a restaurant that was there in the late 60s – followed by a lobster roll.  For our early dinner (we’re at a wedding function later), I think I’ll have some wonderful bay scallops that I remember bursting with flavor and juice with each bite.

This week I’ve been under the weather, so have done little cooking, but last night, feeling I was letting Julia down, I made her scallops in white wine.  Looking at the recipe title, I thought white wine meant white wine; however, the recipe called for vermouth (which we didn’t have).  Hoping that Julia would forgive me, I substituted white wine.  Because I was using tiny scallops, Julia said to only put them in the simmering poaching liquid for a few seconds.  When I checked, I thought the looked partially raw, so let them go a little more.  I should have trusted Julia!  By the time they rest in the poaching liquid, and then the liquid is reduced and added back to them, they cook more.  They weren’t terribly overcooked, but Julia could have told.  I’ll buy vermouth, and give them another try.




  1. Try again Nancy, and thanks for sharing.

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