Posted by: njbrown | August 17, 2009

Salmon soufflé – continued

The salmon soufflé came out well – not perfectly, but well enough. I have never done a soufflé in the oven in this house, and confused the upper rack setting with the middle of the oven. (You can tell I’m rusty!) Julia’s recipe called for canned salmon (or fresh), but since she wanted me to use the liquid from the canned salmon, I decided to try even though it went against today’s emphasis on fresh ingredients. I forgot to coat the inside of the soufflé dish with Parmesan, but that didn’t seem to make a significant difference. George ate about ¾ of it, and loved every bite. With the soufflé, I made baby peas that I was able to buy fresh at our wonderful produce store. I added some finely chopped fresh mint from my garden (having had a faint memory of reading about doing that), and they were lovely.

George says I must write about buying our first microwave in 1976. It was $800 – a huge amount of money then – but I had been assured by the salesman that I could produce individual soufflés quickly using it. The soufflés it made were rubbery in the extreme, but it was useful for other things – like warming baby bottles when our son was born the next year.



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